The Girl Before – J.P. Delaney


When an author’s cartoonish light bulb flashes or when that annoying little fairy muse, that’s been flying relentlessly around an author’s head, finally decides to whisper the sweet golden nectar commonly known as an idea, the problems only then emerge. The idea is just the beginning. Many people have ideas, but whether they are able to execute them in the right way is an entirely different story.

When that idea sprouts for more than a decade in the author’s mind, it is only natural to expect great things to find between those hard or soft covers. Beside the previously stated, J. P. Delaney should most of all, pride himself on the patience and understanding towards his sprouting idea until it was ready to seed itself into this gripping and unusual story hidden behind the mysterious title.

The story takes us on a double journey connecting two very different female characters through certain common circumstances. The first thing they share is their apartment of which they are both tenants, in different time periods, of course. Although the change of perspective between the characters isn’t a novelty in modern literature, especially of the thriller genre, the short-but-sweet chapters that connect the past and the present story, are dosed to perfection including the interesting and mysterious without delaying the plot too long.

The apartment the women share is actually a smart house which is a very unique and original concept to put centre stage to this mystery. The house is intended to improve a tenant’s life in every possible way if one reciprocates towards the house itself in the same manner. The idea of such a place is striking and definitely prompts some interesting philosophical questions in one’s mind. That alone creates a special atmosphere; the house that acts human, the advantages, but also the dangers it might hide, the way people see the world, perhaps re-thinking their necessities and distinguishing between what they need and what they want and how they treat their surroundings.

No less interesting than that, is a character who is a mastermind, a designer of the house and another connection between these different women. What hides behind such a mind? The mind that craves perfection. Is it a noble, altruistic mind or a dangerous and dark one?

With all these questions, the author knits a creative and enticing net, wrapped around a well-planned twist that provides a motive for every character involved, making it even more difficult to settle on the main culprit before the very end. The twist is unexpected, which is a refreshing surprise, especially in the eyes of passionate mystery/thriller readers. That alone makes this novel a desert to devour in one delightful meal.




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